Main purpose of this article is to draw the picture of execution context concept to excel using this context setter keyword. Before get into the details, let’s draw the outlines by briefly explaining how execution contexts are created.

Our JS code passes through 2 phases.

1.Creation Phase

JS engine skims through our code (i.e. ignores values)from top to bottom and if hoisting and scoping rules are checked, it makes a plan about when and how to use given variables and functions. When this plan is ready, it looks like an ordered to-do list and for each list item an Execution Context is…

IcyTruck is a web application that is built with Ruby on Rails. It allows user to sign up either as an ice cream truck owner or as a customer. Trucks can create their ice creams, even their unique flavors and customers can place ice cream orders. Nested resources, nested forms, omniauth-facebook, custom validations are used. However, this post will be about callbacks, helper methods and custom Active Record queries which are also used in IcyTruck.

Custom Active Record Queries

Model objects that inherit from ActiveRecord::Base and contain Active Record Associations macros have methods that perform database queries. This makes object oriented programming so much…

If you are from NYC, at some point you put your old furniture, dusty books, scratchy vinyls on the curbside, thinking maybe someone would like to have them or you were the one who picked them. These items usually goes to lucky ones who were happened to be passing by the right place at the right time. As I always complain about myself being unlucky, I built Picky to not leave this pick up free things from neighborhood game up to my luck.Picky …

MoDay is a command line application that was built in Ruby language using object oriented programming (OOP) model. This app’s main purpose is to help you to pick a movie when you feel lost in movie streaming apps with endless content. MoDay simply gives you a genre list and then narrows the movie options based on your selections and entries throughout the app.

All of the objects in the app (genre, movie star, director, movie) abstracted with creating separate classes, and their attributes for each one of them. In order to link these separate classes, envrionment.rb file is created. This…

Given that I was born in 1993, I was able to witness the journey of software products in human life. I am talking about coming from the days of sending multimedia messages was ground breaking news to the days of facetiming with your favorite K-pop band on the background while you are ordering the snacks that your mom kept you away from all those years.

In the hinterland of countless tech changes we experience daily, there is an ocean of opportunities, developments and gateways that open to forests of technology fruits that await to be explored. Also the number of…

Murat Ogulcan Sahin

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